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33-year-old Marine veteran invited to NY Giants rookie camp.
The Super Bowl weekend goes into high gear in just over a week from now.  Major sporting events like the Super Bowl often create demand for hotel rooms that outstrip the supply.  Even with hotels charging a premium for such major events, they still have no problems booking them to full capacity.

The Indy Star reports some Indianapolis residents recognized the short supply of hotels rooms saw it as an opportunity to make some quick cash by renting out their spare bedroom for football fans attending the big game.

I’m not surprised that people are taking advantageous of the opportunity.  But what I’m surprised about is just how much money these residents are literally raking in during the course of the weekend.  A homeowner living 10 minutes away from the stadium stated that “she signed a deal with a California tourist for $2,500 a night for three nights, but she sweetened the deal by offering to chauffeur the renters around town.

$2,500 a night, let me repeat that again, that’s $2,500 a night for a total for $7,500 dead presidents for the weekend.  That’s more money than what some homeowner’s will make renting out their spare room for an entire year.

The article goes on to say homeowners are using sites such as: AirBnB, VBRO, and HomeAway to advertise their extra room to tourist in town for the Super Bowl.  I personally have not used any of these sites to advertise my spare bedroom.  However, I did have a friend who booked a house in Los Angeles using AirBnB when we were there for a wedding a few years ago.

With my friend’s positive experience, I may give AirBnB a whirl for a trip out to the West Coast later this summer.  I found if the right number of people is chipping into the cost of a property rental on AirBnB, the numbers work out to be cheaper than a traditional hotel room and you get the added benefit of a larger room.

Creative Commons License photo credit: NYCMarines

  • Linda January 27, 2012, 12:49 pm

    I used AirBnB when I was in Spain last year and had a very good experience. I stayed in an apartment with the family who lived there. They had a spare bedroom with a private bath that I rented for several nights. I loved staying with a local family who offered me tips on restaurants and even shared a couple meals with me. The cost of the room was less than a hotel room in the same area. You don’t have to rent an entire apartment or house to use this service.

    A close friend used AirBnB last year to rent an apartment in Amsterdam that she shared with her mother. Again, a very good experience on their end.

    • Mike January 27, 2012, 8:20 pm

      I just submitted a request for a property on airBnB. I’ll let you know how my rental goes, though it’s for the summer time , which is about 6 months away.

  • krantcents January 27, 2012, 4:48 pm

    These opportunities are somewhat rare, but why not? Personally, I like B & B accommodations and it may be more helpful to the individuals to have the inside scoop on the city.

    • Mike January 27, 2012, 8:24 pm

      I agree 100% its rare. All the right things must occur at the right time, i.e. the Super Bowl coming to town, living the right distance to the stadium, over sold hotel rooms to name a few factors. If the opportunity knocks, go for it!


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