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I’m off to see the world again flying to South Korea and Vietnam. I was home for a little less than month to take care of paper work and to check the “NO” box to the question have you been to any African country in the past 30 days that’s usually mandatory on landing cards these days.


This heater is used as the sole heating source on the main floor because the electric heaters are not efficient – it takes a long time to heat the room while running up the electric bill. I have my roommates turn on the kick space heater, which is a space heater for the kitchen and it does a good job of heating the living room and kitchen since the kitchen is open to the living room.

Renting out Rooms maintenance

Electric Kick Space heater

I ordered a replacement off amazon for $165 including shipping, which was kind of expensive considering it’s just a bunch of coils with an electric fan..

Here’s pics of the new one going in.

Renting out Rooms maintenance

Electric Kick space heater

Renting out Rooms maintenance

Electric Kick space heater


This is probably the thing that breaks the most. I always have a spare one on hand like having spare light bulbs. If the seat breaks and nature calls for a number 2, it can be quite uncomfortable.

Renting out Rooms maintenance

Toilet maintenance


I thought I saw some water leaking around the base of the toilet in the bathroom downstairs. I thought it was the wax ring wearing out because the toilet in the bathroom upstairs was replaced a few years ago. I took the repair myself after watching a few youtube videos, which by the way is a great starting point to determine if a house repair is something you want to pursue yourself. A new wax ring only ran me $6 where as plumber would charge $70 for the part and labor. Given how easy it look on youtube, I did the repair myself.  I don’t have any pics because the wax ring was sticky and I didn’t want to leave any residue on my camera.


Many people think I have a house that pays for itself, but they don’t realize the up keep I put into in terms of sweat equity. I’m the kind of guy that likes to save money than to pay someone else to do the work especially if it’s something that’s completely doable with the tools I have laying around the house.

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  • Mark July 13, 2015, 5:17 pm

    Hi Mike,

    You have so many great posts and maybe I have missed it. But how have you been financing your travels?

    Thanks in advance,



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