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If you didn’t know, I’m looking for a new roommate(the tenth roommate) and already have ads up on craigslist and roommates.com.  So far, there haven’t been too many responses.  In fact, I think I received more e-mails from scammers than I did from potential roommates.  I’m getting tired of the “hi, my name is such and such and I’m a 23 year old female, I’m really interested in moving in, but can’t meet before moving in…”  This just screams scammer just so you know.

I did receive one e-mail from a potential roommate from a semi-retired person who wanted to move in.  Now, I’ve never had a retired person move in nor would I discriminate against the notion because of their age.  However, when I called the person Sunday afternoon and no one picked up, the person then called back twice in the span of 20 minutes between 10:30 pm and 11:00 pm.  I don’t know about your work schedule, but I go to work earlier in the morning so I have to go to bed early.  With that said, those two phone calls were a slight annoyance.

However, I normally don’t shut off my phone because I don’t get too many phone calls anyway, so an argument can be made that it’s my fault for not shutting off my phone.

A day has passed since this person last called.  I haven’t called this person back yet.  I know some of you would be weary on having grandpa or grandma move into, but you have to be fair.

Time Crunch

It seems like when ever I’m trying to find a roommate, my availability on the weekends stinks.  This coming weekend, I’m going to NYC to visit my brother and attend a travel seminar.  Next weekend, I’ll be out of state for a long weekend.  If potential roommates want to meet up it has to bee on a weeknight, which may or may not work out and I may end up loosing out on an opportunity to fill my vacant room.

Month of May

If I don’t have find a roommate for the month of May, I’ll be short changing my principle payment to my second mortgage, which will keep me from reaching my goal.  I was really hoping to find a roommate when I returned from my trip in mid April.


Sorry for the lack of posts, next weekend, I’ll have some time in a plane and will have plenty of time for writing.  I have a couple good ideas for posts like pets and roommates, and a way I saved $1.00 of a gallon of gas during these days of $4.00/ gallon gas prices.  Please stick around.


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