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I’ve been running this blog for about two years and thus far received numerous e-mails on a whole range of topics.  Out of all these questions, there’s always been one reoccurring question from readers and it’s along the lines of: how do I start out or how do I find roommates.

These are all very good questions.  I’m very glad that people are taking advantage of their spare room to put themselves in a better financial position, which is why I’ve taken the time to address everyone’s question individually.

But to efficiently answer the same reoccurring e-mails, I felt compelled to write a “Quick Start Guide” book detailing the first step to a newbie “live-in landlord” who may be thinking of renting out their spare room.  This guide goes through a little bit about my history and how the blog all started.

So without further ado, here’s the “Quick Start Guide.”

The highlights of the Quick Start Guide contains insights to:

  • The first step
  • Litmus test to determine if you’re ready

I’ve called it the Quick Start Guide because it’s not a rapid approach to making money, but a crash course to decide if you’re ready to become a “live-in landlord.”

The Quick Start Guide book is free provided that you signed up for my mailing list.  For those that have signed up already, you should have been provided the Quick Start Guide.

Please Download the guide.  Any feedback is appreciated.





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  • Kathy Baca February 2, 2016, 6:59 pm

    would like to sign up for your mailing list, and interested in the quick start guide.
    Appreciate your posts and everything you have advised for people who like me are considering being a live in landlord.

    Thank you!

    Kathy Baca


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