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I mentioned before one of my goals for 2014 is to do a bit of long-term traveling.  But to make this happen, I need to do the following:

Automate the last of my bills.  This was probably the easiest of the three tasks for me to complete.  I have the option to pay my sewer and water bill online via credit card, but choose not to pay it with this option because the additional service fee imposed when one pays with a credit card.  Alternatively, to pay online, I login to see what the utility bill amounts to through the credit card processing website and them send a bill pay from my checking account.

I set a calendar alert to remind myself to check the sewer and water bill every quarter.

Sell my vehicle.  My vehicle, an F-150 crew cab with a 193,000 miles on it seemed like a daunting task with the high miles on it. Kelley Blue Book valued it at $8,500 in good condition. I advertised it for $7,700 showing off the clean condition of the vehicle.  After a week or so, someone wanted to see it in person and offered $7,400 cash. I took the offer so that I didn’t have to deal with the “low ball” offerings coming in.  This leaves me without a car for the remaining 4 weeks that I’m stateside.

Replace myself with another roommate.  In my mind, this was probably the biggest hurdle in my goal to long-term travel.  Ideally, I wanted to have someone move in by March 1st – two weeks before I leave.

My empty basement room

My empty basement room

To give myself sometime, I placed an advertisement late January.  I received the typical responses, as I would expect.  It was over the phone that I explained my situation and expectations.

I found several people wanting to live in my basement room.  Ultimately, I choose the roommate that would stay long-term and seemed reliable. We negotiated on the price because the other roommates will be transiting through the basement to access the laundry room.


When I mention “long-term” travel, it means I’m going to be gone for about two to three months at a time and return stateside to check up on my house.

I do anticipate my current roommates to leave when there’s better opportunity elsewhere.  During the transition period, there’s going to be some unoccupied rooms.  To hedge against this, I have some cash banked in another account to cover any short falls in the cash flow.  I’m hoping the cash flow is enough time to find a roommate to fill any vacancies.

That’s my plan for the next year or so.  How it all plays out will be another story that will be shared here.


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