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So I survived the apocalyptic storm called Sandy uneventfully as I did with Hurricane Irene last year.   My residence fared well through the storm: floods were nonexistent as were fallen tree limbs.   As you are aware from news reports, folks near NYC and in NJ are without power and left in the cold night.  I can only imagine how tough it is to cope with their misfortune.

Funny apocalyptic Storm Sandy

photo credit: iReport

I lucked out.  I didn’t endure any discomfort with both storms.  With Irene, I only lost power for 5 or 10 minutes, while with this storm, I didn’t loose power at any point during the storm, though my lights did flicker a number of times.  There was hardly any damage to my structure nor was there anything to clean up on my property.

In hindsight, my speculation as to why my residence has fared well through both storms is probably a combination of:

  • Having underground power lines
  • Lucking out with residing on a higher embankment
  • Living within miles of the main power distribution sources, thus having redundant feeds

I didn’t plan my purchase around it, I just lucked out.

That’s just an update from my end.

I hope you’re all safe and doing well.


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