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I was reading an internet article from Smart Money about a new website launching in early March that may be suited for homeowners that still want to make some extra cash from their house, but don’t like dealing with roommates.  The website is called Parkatmyhouse.com.

From the name, you can already get an idea of the concept behind the site.  It’s basically a way to advertise your driveway space for commuters.  Initially, the idea doesn’t sound right, because urban downtown landscapes aren’t filled with single family homes with drive ways.  Upon further reading, the article details specific cases such as sporting events and commuter lots where the number of riders exceeds the number of available parking spots.  The article links to a Wall Street Journal Article citing one specific instance from my neck of the woods in CT.  The Metro North Rail network runs along the South Eastern corridor of CT bringing in commuter to NYC.  To ride the train, commuters must first get to the train station and most of them do so by driving their cars.  The public parking spots are in short supply with the growing number of commuters.  It’s specific cases like these where Parkatmyhouse.com will flourish.

Apparently the site is already a hit in London.

where more than 20,000 property owners earned money off their concrete.

The brainchild of the site, Anthony Eskinazi was inspired to create the site after his frustrations with parking at a San Francisco Giants game.

Parkatmyhouse.com is not active in all major areas.  So far, it’s available in Philly and D.C.   If you enter your zip code and sign-up, they’ll let you know when they’ve got enough spots to launch in your area.


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