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They're replacing the toilet
Every time I use the upstairs bathroom where my two roommates lives, I notice the blemishes on what used to be clean white walls.   The most likely cause of these blemishes is foot traffic of carrying bags and such throughout the years I’ve been renting out rooms.

Although, my roommates are considerate of my residence and each other’s belongings, they do contribute normal wear and tear.   So, I can’t fault my roommates for the blemishes on the walls.  This brings me to my next topic of keeping up with the household maintenance.  I don’t have a lot of yard work because I live in a townhouse.  However, I still have to keep the interior of my unit in good working condition to make it appealing to potential roommates and to retain it’s value.

Up Keeping

Today, my roommate, D is going on vacation.  That means that I’ll have the place pretty much to myself for the entire week because my other roommate, S spends most of her time with her boyfriend.  With the place to myself, I’ll do some painting to touch up the blemishes, run some Drano down the bath tub drain to prevent any kind of slow drainage, and some other tasks I’ve been meaning to do.

Doing household maintenance while your roommates are away is the best time to do any work your house.  I don’t have to tell my roommates the paint is wet or not use the bathtub because I know I’ll be the only one home.  I won’t hear any complaints if I have to shut off circuit breakers to update fixtures.

With that being said, house work is on my list of things to accomplish this weekend.

Final Words

I want to be candid about renting out rooms to people.  I’ve posted about the financial relief the rental income provides here and here, but it’s not all that financial relief is not peaches and cream.  It does come with some routine work; after all they are paying rent in exchange for a clean, working place.

Note: I don’t have my camera, otherwise I would have posted pictures of my blemished walls to give an idea what kind of wear and tear is expected.

What would you do when you have your whole place to yourself again for a week?

Creative Commons License photo credit: crazytales562


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