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Although, this has nothing to do with renting out rooms, I thought it would be interesting to share how I’m coping with the high gas prices.

In the state of Connecticut, the price of gas has soared past $4 per gallon during the past month.  Many people have changed their driving habits either by car pooling to work or utilizing mass transportation, but for some, they don’t have that option.   I live in a suburban area where mass transportation is limited and I live less than 10 miles from work so car pooling is really not that effective.  So I just have to suck up and pay the high gas prices.

However, I found a way to buy gas at a discounted rate, which can be as much as $2.20 per Gallon!  In my neck of the woods, there are these grocery store chains called “Stop and Shop.”

At some locations, they have a gas station.  With every dollar spent at a “Stop and Shop” grocery store, you receive 1 gas point.  Every 100 gas point accumulated on your card, you’ll then receive $0.10 off per gallon of gas up to $2.20.

This may not seem like a lot, but if you think of ways to super charge spending you can get gas significantly cheaper than the going market rate.

One way I super charged the spending is looking at the weekly circular because they advertise promotions for gas points by buying certain items.  For example, one week, the store had a promotion of 100 additional gas points for every 5 packages of Klondike bars you buy in addition to the cost of buying 5 packages of Klondike bars.

Now you maybe thinking that I’m spending a $1 to save $.01, but hear me out.  In my office, we have a snack mess where we sell chips and other vending machine like food.  With the profits from this effort, we have a pizza lunch for everyone in the office.

So I talked to guy spear heading the mess and asked if I can sell those Klondike bars from the office freezer and have the profits go towards the office pizza.  He obliged and that’s all I needed.  I told him exactly how much I plan to see if he could cover the cost of the goods.  I bought as many Klondike bars as the office freezer and my freezer at home can hold.

My home freezer stocked with klondike bars

I think I bought about 136 packs of Klondike bars of various flavors, most of which is now in the office freezers at work.  I just stock piled more Klondike bars in my home freezer so that I can maximize the gas savings.  From the Klondike bar purchases, I was able to super charge my gas points balance.

My last fill up, a gallon of gas cost about $3.039 per gallon, which is a down right steal when the going rate is well above $4 per gallon.   The follow image is a picture of the receipt.

Receipt for the $3.03 per gallon paid

Take this as an example to creatively think of ways to deal with the high gas prices.  I’m going to be repeating this process depending on what the weekly special is for the 100 gas points deal.

Creative Commons License photo credit: dno1967b


I have a new contributor to Renting Out Rooms.  She goes by the nickname “Mid America Mom.”  She recently closed on her home and plans on renting out a furnished room.  I think her perspective of renting out a furnished room and feminine personality will add a different twist to Renting Out Rooms.  To top off her busy life she has two kids, hence the “Mom” part in “Mid America Mom”


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