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A few months ago, I received an e-mail from Walter Chen, the founder of Leasely to try out his new service, Leasely.  This is a service geared towards landlords who want to implement an online application process for prospective tenants to fill out electronically versus filling out a traditional paper application.  The system is pretty simple, you create an account at Leasly.com and it creates a unique URL so that you can e-mail these links to prospective roommates or even include the URL on your craigslist post.  Best of all it’s free to use or at least I haven’t found any fees associated with it.


The Leasely site is clean and easy to navigate.  I had no problems creating an account and listing my property – Kudos to the Leasely team on the job well done in that aspect.  Below is a screenshot of the easy three step process to creating an account and listing your property.

A screen shot of the Dashboard - The first screen you see after you've created an account or login

Once you have created an account and listed your property, a link is created so that you can share the link with prospective tenants who maybe interested in filling an application for that property you just listed.  If you’re a homeowner who owns more than one property, you can have multiple properties listed under your account – you’ll just have a link to each application for every property you have.

At the time when I was asked by Walter to try out his service, I was not looking for a roommate.  I told Walter I would try his service out when the need arises.

However, when my last roommate moved in, I didn’t have the time to implement his service.  My last roommate just fell out of the sky and I was eager to secure a move in date with him before I left for my trip to the West Coast.

Screenshot of the application page prospective roommates fille out

It’s obvious by the level and kind of detail Leasely’s online application has been thoroughly thought out.  For instance, in screenshot above, each arrow expands to text fields where it has the prospective roommate fill out their appropriate information.  The online application has text input fields where it asks for past addresses, employer information and so on.  Some of which I find unnecessary for my needs.

With this being said, this is my only gripe I have about the Leasely service – that is that the application fields are not customizable.  If only I could delete which fields are applicable to me, I would probably be more inclined to use the service.

I could just have prospective roommates fill in the applicable fields I deem necessary for myself, but I feel that would the online application process to cumbersome, thus deter someone from filling out an application online.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an online application to have prospective roommates fill out whether you’re trying to stream line your process or just too busy to meet applicants in person, Leasly.com is your solution.  With this in mind, I would suggest giving Leasely a try, but you may find the amount of fields found on their online application a bit over kill.

Creative Commons License photo credit: kimm613


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