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This is an update to my previous post about feeling a little anxious because my roommate, Sharon (not her real name) lost her job, making me wondering if she could make the rent payment.

To my relief, she lucked out on her job search and was able secure an interview the following Monday morning after loosing her job.  The interview went well enough that she got the job starting Wednesday of the same week.

Fast Forward a Week

As of Tuesday (8/17/10) this week, she was let go from the job where she was just hired.  Apparently what happened was she called in sick on Monday and since she just started on Wednesday, her boss thought she was feigning her illness.

She told me this last night(Tuesday) when she mentioned the rent payment due around the 15th of the month will not go through.(I have her making two smaller rent payments on the 1st and 15th of the month so it’s easier on her budget).  I don’t know how you get let go from a job after being hired 4 days earlier, but apparently it can happen.

This time, I showed leniency on the rental payment being late as she does not have the necessary funds, though she is borrowing the funds from her parents.

Going Forward

Sharon told me, that she’s currently looking for a new job.  In the meantime, she’s going to borrow some money from her parents to pay the remainder of the rent for this month.

With September right around the corner, I asked her about her plans.  She mentioned she might move back with her parents if she can’t get her finances in order.  I told her “if that’s what you to do then that’s what you have to do.  “

She hinted that she doesn’t want to move back in with her parents.  I can’t take on free loaders and let her live in my room with a promise to pay in the future.  I feel this is extremely unfair to my other roommate who has been prompt with the rental payment every month and may cause unwanted tension between my other roommate and I.

Despite her struggles to pay the rent (I had to setup a budget plan with her and this months missed rental payment), she’s been an honest roommate which is a characteristic that is desirable in a roommate.  I have to commend Sharon’s honesty about being let go and being straight forward about the missed rental payment.  I appreciate honesty much more than a roommate hiding situations where it affects me.

I’m going to play the roommate roulette game if she does move out.  To me, I like the process of finding roommate because it’s always a learning process and I like meeting new people and their line of work.  But playing the roommate roulette game too often can be taxing on our schedule so, I rather have a roommate rent for at least six months to a year plus.

Transition Time Between New Roommates

Ideally, it’s nice to have as much advance notification as possible so that I can post advertisements to find a new roommate to avoid any lapses where the room will go unrented.

In this case, if Sharon can’t afford to make the next month’s rent payment, I doubt I’ll get the advanced notification.  I’ll be a sticky situation where I have to find someone fast to fill the vacant room or I’ll run the risk of having my spare room go unrented, which is not the most desirable situation if I want to maximize profits.

I just have to remember to not let the financial relief of the rental income cloud my better judgment and have anybody move in.

Over and Out


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  • Elaine August 22, 2010, 1:37 pm

    How do you work around local rental laws that require eviction? It was my understanding that even when a person is just renting out a room in their house, there are still eviction procedures that must be followed?

    • Mike August 23, 2010, 6:55 pm

      I have my tenants provide an emergency contact. In the event my roommates fall behind, I call the emergency contact(usually a family member) stating my concern. I only had to exercise this option once and it worked. I was able to receive my missed rent payment and the person moved out.


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