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Alright, I’m in the market for a roommate to replace my roommate who is moving out at the end of this month.  With my work travel and vacation plans going on through March, the pressure is on to find a roommate as soon as possible or I could run the risk of missing my goal I set to achieve by years end.

Based on my observation, roommates are most likely to live in places where they can see first.  In another words, roommates are not going to wait around for landlords or homeowners to call them back.  Roommates that need a place to live, tend to gravitate towards places where phone calls or e-mail are responded to in reasonable amount of time.  When I’m tardy in returning phone calls or e-mails by even a day, I get the response – “I’m all set, I found a place to live” or “I’m going to look at a place tomorrow, I’ll let you know then if I’m still interested.”

With this in mind, if I’m out of town on travel and can’t act fast to show the spare bedroom at the convenience of any prospective roommate, then the risk of an empty bedroom going unrented is high, which translates to lost rental income.

In the next 2 and half months, my travel plans are taking me to:

  • Virginia
  • San Diego
  • Barcelona
  • Hawaii
  • Nepal (March 17th through April 9th )

After this barrage of traveling, this brings me to April, where I’ll have a good chunk of time home.  Most of those trips are works trips so it wasn’t my idea of arranging travel plans like this.  Nepal is my big adventure that I plan to the Himalayas.  On this trip, I’m going to be out of cell phone and e-mail reach so I can forget about posting and responding to ads for people looking to move in late April or May.  If I don’t find a roommate soon, I’m going to run the possible risk of having one bedroom go unrented for an entire quarter, which is huge.  A quarter is a timetable in which most companies report earnings on and basically no revenue from one bedroom.

Now, I’ll still have my other room rented and that’s bringing in flow, but it’s nice to be firing on all cylinders.  Whatever money I loose in rental income, there’s no way I can recoup that loss in the future.  So once that month has gone by, that’s lost income.

Asking for Help

I could ask my other roommate to meet up with any prospective roommates, but there’s one slight problem to this idea – he is in the Navy and out to sea without a definitive timetable on when he is going to return.

This poses another problem because if anyone decides to move in, they will not be able to meet him before they move in.  I sent my roommate e-mails, but he must be extremely busy and has no down time to check his e-mail.

Half a Loaf of Bread

I could drastically reduce my rent price to get a sudden influx of prospective roommates.  Have you heard of the saying; a half a loaf of bread is better than no loaf of bread?  Even with half of loaf of bread, it would bring me closer to reaching my goal, which should be my ultimately goal, right?

Decisions to be made.  I’ll keep everyone posted on what I’ve decided to do.

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