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Wonder what accident that was then?
This week, I’ve been trying to sell my old laptop on Craiglist and while I’m not new to posting advertisements on craiglist, I am new with posting items for sale.  With posting an item, it still involves the e-mail exchanges with the interested party inquiring about details about your post.  It still involves meeting face to face to exchange the item for cash.  Last, but not least, it still involves dealing with scammers.

In fact, I think, I’ve been  bombarded by even more scammer e-mails than I have when I list my room for rent.   I knew scams existed on Craiglist, but not the extent where I’m constant receiving 2 or 3 e-mails.

Apparently this Craiglist scam works as follows.   A person lists an item for sale, a relatively high value item.  In my case it was  laptop.  The scammer sees my posts and inquires about its availability.   After the first several scammers that inquired about the laptop, I really thought they were from legitimate buyers.  However, after several e-mails that played along to the same story of:

“I live in another state and want to buy the laptop as a gift for <insert friend/relative>, but I can’t meet in person to do the exchange in person.   Instead, they want to use paypal and send you the money plus a $100 USD extra to cover the shipping costs.  Please tell me your paypal address so I can pay you at once.”

I’m thinking great, I’m gonna get a extra $100 bucks to ship it a few states over where in actuality, the cost will be $25 bucks at most.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

What’s that old saying? If it’s too good to be true, it’s it probably is too good to be true.

Well that’s right, it is too good to be true.  What really happens is the scammer sends you money via paypal with a stolen credit card.  Months later when the banks investigate the fraudulent charges, the bank will want their money back even though you transferred the money out of your paypal account to your bank account.

The end result: you’re out one latop.  Even worse, feeling of being ripped off.

The general advice when advertising on craigslist is, be very wary of people that want to send you money especially if they don’t even haggle the price, which is probably the biggest tip off.


Have you had any scams experiences on Craigslist?

Creative Commons License photo credit: rosshuggett



Updates from the Roommate Front

My latest roommate has been moved in for about three weeks.  So far, so good.  Despite his uber busy schedule(works 2 jobs), he showed responsibility by taking the initiative to clean on his off days, which shows that he’s not lazy.  In my opinion he’s “A” okay in my book in terms of being a roommate.




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