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I want to annouce a winner for the Amazon Gift Card last week. I selected:

Tina’s Comment:

Hi Mike! I was in the same situation as you for about a year and a half when I traveled around in Asian. I had my whole house rented out to a group of international students at a local school. During the ‘interview’ stage, I offered them a couple of different choices. (1) renting fully furnished (2) renting partially furnished and (3) renting a completely unfurnished home. I was planning on storing most of my personally belongings in the garage. The students ended up choosing the partially furnished options so that the ‘common area’ are furnished and it up’d my income by about 15%. My suggestion would be to casually mentioned that you have the option of renting him additional furniture at a reasonable added cost. In the past, I’ve offered fully furnished rooms (minus the mattress…which is a personal preference) at about an extra $25 – $40 dollars a month and it seems to do fine in my neck of the woods.

Giving the guy an additional option will keep the conversation and the door open for you. Let us know what you end up doing. =)

I should have made the offer when I showed the room.  Instead the guy invest in his own aerobed and has it setup.  I also agree with another comment that the bed is a kind of personal item, which was what I was thinking. Then again the bed was 10 years old.


My last roommate who was renting the basement room was into e-cigarettes. In my rental agreement, I have a clause specifically stating:Rental Agreement renting out rooms

The wave of e-cigarettes brings a new gray area between what’s smoking and what’s not considered smoking. I get that e-cigarettes are not producing smoke, but vapors. So does this make it allowable? Most restaurants and eating establishments ban these e-cigarettes because it’s all grouped into the same smoking apparatus.

Anyway, what I find repulsive was that this roommate was just smoking his stupid e-cigarettes in front of me. The sight of that wanted to make me slug him. I relented because I wanted to have the peace and harmony as having this basement room rented allowed me to travel.  I’m going to ban any type of smoking apparatus from my house.

What are you thoughts on e-cigarettes? Did you have any roommates who smoked e-cigarettes?


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