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Obviously celebrating Christmas with your roommates depends on how well you get along with them.  I don’t know how other “live-in landlords” celebrate during the holiday times with their roommates, but my current roommates are great! With that in mind, we’ve collectively decided to get a Christmas tree and do a gift exchange.

We’ve a $10-$15 dollar limit for gift exchanges.  I know this isn’t a high limit, but it does show how well we all get along.  I mean would you actually do a gift exchange with people that you really didn’t get along with or with an unsociable roommate that is occupying your spare room?

You get the picture.

In the past, there’ve been years where we just didn’t do a gift exchange and we all parted ways to our family during the Christmas holidays.  I’m writing this because this is the first year where I’m actually exchanging gifts.  We’ve planned to do the exchange on Christmas eve as I’m going to be with my family on Christmas Day.

I can certainly say that it’s a good feeling knowing we can live amicably and celebrate the holiday together.   I don’t know what will happen next year with my roommates, but I hope that these guys stick around, as I’m welcome to celebrating the holidays with them.

I’d love to hear other experiences of how other “live-in landlords” are celebrating their holidays with their roommates.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Keith Laverack


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