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Weekend Updates

On Thursday, Dan(not his real name), my roommate in the Navy returned from being out at sea.  So my two roommates will finally get a chance to meet each other for the first time. It’s kind of a funny story how they ran into each other at my residence.  Mitch, my newer roommate had his [...]

Absolutely nothing eventful happened this week with my roommates because my roommate who is in the Navy is still at sea and my newest roommate is away on business travel.  So, I had my own place to myself the entire week.  There’s also a good chance I’ll have the place to myself all weekend too. [...]

This weekend, I’m going away to visit my parents, leaving my new roommate by himself.  As of today, this new roommate, Mitch has been renting a room from me for exactly two weeks.  Meanwhile, my other roommate who I trust because he’s been renting my other room for more than a year is out at [...]

As of this Saturday, my new roommate, Mitch(not his real name)  has been living in my townhouse for a week – everything seems to be going well.  He has a well paying job that allows him to pay the rent without any difficulties.  He also keeps the place clean and tidy after cooking, thus so [...]

Weekend Update: New Chapter with a New Roommate After a week and a half of searching for a roommate, I found one via craigslist.  The new roommate, Mitch, which of course is not his real name, is moving in today.  I met up with him yesterday during my lunch break to finalize the logistics, ie [...]

The Roommate Search This coming week, I have a few scheduled showings of my place to interested roommates, all of which I found via craigslist. With that being said, the process was not without it usually source of scam e-mails and some borderline sketchy e-mails that seem like they are from scammers.  For example, I [...]