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Weekend Updates

I just finished climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro last week and I’m in Zanzibar on the beach relaxing from roughing it on the trek. While I was out of touch from the real world, there were some developments or the lack there of. My roommate search isn’t going exactly to as plan. I left one of my [...]

Saturday around noon I received a call that scared me a bit. The person at the other end of the line introduced himself as Investigative Service Personnel for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).  At this point, I thought I was in trouble! Just the sound of Investigative Services sounds terrifying.  But alas, it [...]

While I was away on my trip of a life time, my ninth roommate to cycle through my spare room moved out because he found a better job opportunity in another part of the state.  Understandingly so, opportunity knocks and you can’t let it slip away, which is why this is the most common reason [...]

Hi Everyone, Sorry for what seems like infrequent.  I’ve been busy with my day job.  In addition to that I’ve been traveling so that basically sucks the energy right out of me. With that being said, nothing eventful has occurred with my new roommate or perhaps I’ve been too busy to notice anything unusual.  In [...]

Earlier this week, my roommate had his girlfriend visit from out of state for a few days.  As I mentioned before, I don’t mind having significant others stay over and she certainly was no exception.  This was the first real opportunity I had to meet her versus a quick “Hi, my name is Mike, how [...]

I’m headed to LA for a long 4-day weekend.  Last weekend, I was in Chicago.  In between this weekend and last, I some how managed to squeeze in 40 hours at my full time job.  With that all being said, I haven’t had much time to be home. Traveling and being busy can be a [...]