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Air Conditioning Units

One of the things I have to before man winter is remove all the window A/C units. The steps involved aren’t too complicated, but it’s just heavy and cumbersome to carry the A/C units to the basement where I store them. I have to gain entry to each of the bedrooms and I always ask [...]

I’m back in my residence in the Northeast welcomed by mounds of snow and an equally sized mound of unopened mail. While I was traveling around Africa, one of my current roommates moved out of the basement room. Normally, I like to be there during the move-in and move-out process to accept or give the [...]

The roommate search may be coming to an end. Besides placing an advertisement on craigslist, I asked one of my former colleagues to place an ad on the company’s internal forums. My entrusted roommate, whom I left the roommate search to, received a response from this advertisement. My entrusted roommate showed him the room and [...]