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My definition of a “live-in landlord” is someone who lives in their own house and rents out the individual rooms to roommates.  Contrast this to a typical landlord who rents out the whole dwelling while residing in a separate dwelling. I’ve been renting out my spare rooms for quite sometime and one of my goals [...]

Just this past week, I stumbled across a post from nerdwallet giving information on how to rent out a room.  The article details 6 basic steps and I want to offer my insight against the advice because it was most likely not written by someone with first-hand experience renting out rooms. The first sub heading [...]

This past week, I received the following question:  How long did it take you to find your first roommate? I've been up on Craigslist a week and haven't had a single hit. -Cynthia First off I want to congratulate you in taking the plunge to renting your spare room. The financial gains will be instrumental. [...]

Residents in Grand Rapids, Michigan may have an extra hurdle to jump through when they’re renting out a room in their house.  That’s because the city is imposing a special land use and business license to legitimately rent out a room in their house. It’s not surprising that the city is imposing these sanctions against [...]

This post is from a reader, Josh who wanted to share his experience into becoming a “live-in landlord.” His journey to join the ranks didn’t come easy. He had some difficulty finding a roommate and admits some mistakes he made along the way. I think this is a great story that other to-be “live-in landlords” [...]

As of July 1st, 2013, Google will be shutting Google Reader down. Here’s what you can do so you don’t miss any posts: Find another feed reader. I prefer Feedly. You can add rentingoutrooms.com/feed to feedly Subscribe to my e-mail list by submitting your e-mail on my side bar.  In exchange you'll receive my "Quick [...]