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I love receiving rent money via electronic transfers, it’s fast, convenient, and happens like clockworks since most of my roommates have it setup automatically through their banks. So rarely, do I ever have to setup a time to collect cash or a check and run to the bank. A few of my roommates decide to [...]

I receive a lot of e-mails asking me for help in finding a roommate. Even though, there’s a time investment to responding to these e-mails, I like to help people out when I can and respond to each one of them. I applaud their resilience in making some extra income and believe it will better [...]


I’m in the process of updating some illustrations and text in my Better Guide to Finding to Roommates Online. As I do this, I’m looking back on the 16 different roommates who cycled through my house and I thought I write a post detailing the numbers of where I found my roommates. For those that [...]

I’ve been renting out my rooms for nearly eight years and over those years, I had 14 different roommates. All those roommates have rented a room for varying lengths of time. On one extreme, someone has rented a room for 43 months while others have rented for as little as three months. I want to [...]

Here's a reader question I received a week or so ago: I am somewhat considering this undertaking. By my first question, you may immediately say it is not for me.   However, I like the thought of paying off student loans.   Is there ever an arrangement where you can rent out a room with kitchen privileges, [...]

I left my job to travel full-time and it’s been great.  I spent a little more than 2 months abroad.  During those times, I spent about 2 weeks in South Korea with my cousin and the rest of the time was spent traveling around Australia. The feeling of having freedom is awesome.   Everyday is different [...]