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The room I'm renting

I wrote about my new job and how I want to move closer rather than driving an hour each way to work. Well, I found a place 10 minutes away from my new job for $400 per month with all utilities included. To some this may sound really cheap or expensive. It’s all relative depending [...]

My Kitchen Table

I was looking for a particular plastic container to put my left over food. I dug deep in the usual cupboards where the containers are usually stored. But my efforts of finding a matching lid and container were fruitless. I think, perhaps, one of my roommates used it for leftovers and took the container to [...]

Yogurt container

The other day I was pursuing through my refrigerator to find my yogurt, specifically the store brand greek yogurt because I like to buy the cheapest one. Normally this process takes no more than a minute, but when you’re living with roommates who happen to be engineers, it takes a bit longer. Let me explain. [...]


A few weeks ago, I asked readers if they ever caught a roommate not being entirely truthful in order to gain position as a candidate for a well being roommate. In response, several readers sent back some stores, which ranged from mild to "wow."  I think the following story takes the "wow" prize. There wasn’t [...]

Coffee Maker

One of my roommates moved out on July 1st and a new one moved in that same weekend(this was all coordinated well in advance). When roommates move out you would expect them to take all their stuff, but roommates fail to move all their stuff. Whether it's done intentionally or not, it doesn't bother me because [...]

Knicks in corners

There are things in my house that’s taking a beating over the years from the roommates. First is the kitchen counter tops. I have a simple and basic laminate counter top, which are prone to damage around the seams. To make matters worse, the counter top is white colored, not an off-white or cream, but [...]