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This past weekend, I was in LA attending a friend’s wedding.  I returned home late Monday night.  Upon arriving home, I initially noticed nothing was out of place in my townhouse until I went to use the bathroom and flushed the toilet.  That’s when I noticed the bathroom handle was different from the way I [...]

I recently attended the awesome Meet Plan and Go event in NYC hosted by @ottsworld and @CareerBreakHQs.  At the event, I was able to meet numerous people who want to leave their jobs to travel or who have already done so and felt compelled to tell their story.  I’ve been to over 14 different countries, [...]

So far, I have been very candid with the financial relief and freedom the rental income provides for me.  In this post, I want to be candid on what’s its like returning home from a week-long trip living with roommates who were complete strangers when they first moved in. Going away on vacation or for [...]

What happened? Last week, I was on work travel leaving my roommates by themselves.  Usually, nothing eventful happens while I am away, but this time, something minor did happen and I want to write a post about it.  My roommate, D, who is in the Navy returned from his Ops at sea while I was [...]

This week, I’m in San Diego for work.  Most homeowners probably won’t go away while renting out their spare bedroom.  I, on the other hand, am comfortable with going away on work travel or vacation, leaving my roommates in my townhouse by themselves. This isn’t the first time I’ve been on travel while I have [...]

Normally, when you are renting out rooms in your house, you want to be there to keep tabs on your renters, but there will be situations where you will be away for the weekend.  In my case, there were several instances where I went away on work travel or vacation for several weeks. First Time [...]