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For the next three weeks, I’m going to be away in away in Nepal trekking to the Base Camp of Mt Everest.  I’m pretty stoked about this trip.  I’ve never done anything this big in my life.  I’m traveling to Nepal by myself my flight connections looks like this: I had an overnight stop over [...]

I’m back from my West Coast trip.  Earlier last week, I wrote about landing a last minute roommate before heading out on my travel.  So how are things going with the new roommates?  It’s hard to tell.  From what he told me, he hasn’t been around much. Apparently the headhunter who found his new job [...]

I’ve spent more time roaming about the country than at my townhouse during the past four days.  In fact, right now I’m writing this blog post in the airport on my way back to my home state.  For most homeowners, they wouldn’t think to leave their house when they are renting out a room, but [...]

In the State of CT, it seems like every employer gives their employees a week off starting Christmas Eve to the day after New Year's Day.  My employer does give me this week off and it is a nice benefit! My roommates in the past have also received this week off.  Often times, they use this  [...]

On Friday, I returned home from my trip to South Korea and my work travel to Orlando, FL.   I’ve been away a total of 17 consecutive days.  I’ve been away longer while I had roommates, but I sometimes get nervous about leaving my roommates by themselves in my residence.  I guess the nervousness comes from [...]

Next week, I’ll be visiting South Korea for about two weeks.  Right now, the weather in CT is turning seasonably colder as expected.   With the season changing, the heat is going to get some use.  My biggest concern about leaving on this trip is wondering if my roommates are responsible enough to turn off the [...]