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I just finished climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro last week and I’m in Zanzibar on the beach relaxing from roughing it on the trek. While I was out of touch from the real world, there were some developments or the lack there of. My roommate search isn’t going exactly to as plan. I left one of my [...]

Some folks have e-mail me asking me if I plan on continuing to blog. The answer is yes. I’m grateful for all the folks that read what I have to say. I think the support and questions I receive are encouragement for me to keep blogging. Back in March I quit my job to travel [...]

Since the 1st of September, I’ve been on the other side of the world visiting Japan for vacation(holiday time).  I’ve been to Narita Airport on numerous occasions on layovers to other countries in the Far East, but I’ve never quite managed to make it into the Greater Tokyo area.  That’s all changed now.  I can [...]

I really had no expectations for the World Domination Summit as I was driving myself to the airport last Friday morning.  All I knew was:  I was going to Portland, OR – a city I haven’t spent too much time in.  I was going to meet new people and sample some food from the world [...]

Greetings, I’ll be in Portland, Oregon this weekend to attend the World Domination Summit hosted by Chris Guillebeau and company.   This Summit is a meet up of 450 plus like-minded individuals who want to live an unconventional life.  In someways, I feel like I'm doing just that by living in the basement and renting out [...]

Greetings! I’m back in CT from Nepal and my Everest Base Camp Trek.  The trip was exciting yet tiring.  I’m sorry for the lack of posts as I just arrived back on Sunday and I’m a wee bit jet lagged.  Also, I ate something funny in Kathmandu that made me do a lot of “system [...]