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Everyone’s ideal roommate is someone that pays rent on-time, in-full, and lives somewhere else. This is ideal because you still reap the financial benefits of roommates without dealing roommate issues. One of these issues may be dealing with a roommate that is a slob or just plain negligent about cleaning up after themselves. During each [...]

Hello from Down Under! The freedom I have with the absence of a full-time desk job has been great!  Everything is going well with my house as far as I know. My roommates have paid the last two months rent on-time and in-full. I’ve been able to pay all bills electronically from abroad. I have [...]

I get a lot of questions about various things, but I tend to receive frequent questions from folks who intend to buy a house and rent out a room because they’re going to be living in a house that’s bigger than what they need.  Generally, these folk don’t have children nor  are they married.  So [...]

A lot of people have e-mailed me about how to find roommates.   When I first started years ago, I used roommates.com as my sole medium to land my first several roommates.  Since then, I've listed roommate advertisements on all possible sites.  This is because I've developed confidence in my screening process to find reliable roommates [...]

In the State of CT, there’s a container deposit law where a consumer is required to pay a nickel deposit on a soda can or other carbonated beverages.   The idea is to incentivize recycling by ensuring the container is returned to a redemption center (grocery store) in exchange for the nickel.  To most folks, it’s [...]

I received an e-mail this week from a reader feeling discouraged from the lack of responses to his roommate advertisement.  His initial e-mail didn’t state how long his advertisements were online for, but after following up, his advertisements were “live” for about a week and half.  Now, a week and half isn’t a terrible long [...]