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This is an update to my previous post about feeling a little anxious because my roommate, Sharon (not her real name) lost her job, making me wondering if she could make the rent payment. To my relief, she lucked out on her job search and was able secure an interview the following Monday morning after [...]

So far, I have been very candid with the financial relief and freedom the rental income provides for me.  In this post, I want to be candid on what’s its like returning home from a week-long trip living with roommates who were complete strangers when they first moved in. Going away on vacation or for [...]

Normally, when you are renting out rooms in your house, you want to be there to keep tabs on your renters, but there will be situations where you will be away for the weekend.  In my case, there were several instances where I went away on work travel or vacation for several weeks. First Time [...]

There are numerous methods of finding people looking to rent a room.  I’ll go over a few methods and my observations.  The first method is roommate subscription sites.  These sites are places where people looking for or have a place to rent post advertisements.  There are plenty of these sites out there, just Google “roommate [...]

The economics of renting out a spare bedroom makes sense from this post. But who should you get to move in?  It’s natural to think that our friends or acquaintances will make the best roommates.  But before you solicit your friends or co-worker to be your new roommate, stop and think about it for a minute.  [...]