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radpad renting out rooms

[update 8/24/16 deal is no longer being honored: http://blog.onradpad.com/an-update-on-our-no-credit-card-fee-android-pay-promotion/] Radpad is a service that allows tenants to pay their rent with their credit card. How it Works The tenant signs up with Radpad and has the choice of sending you a one-time payment or a reoccurring payment.  The money comes in a form of a check [...]

I found this thread about a homeowner looking for some advice about being a “live-in landlord” because they're thinking about taking in a friend of a friend who’s taking classes at a nearby school.  In nearly all the responses to the original poster, issues of privacy were the number one concern not to take in [...]

One of my roommates, which I’ll call Mark(not his real name) moved out on Thursday to take a new job in another state. So as any good roommate would do, the night before, we went out to rock some beers one last time and to celebrate his last day of work at his current job.  [...]

I’ve spent more time roaming about the country than at my townhouse during the past four days.  In fact, right now I’m writing this blog post in the airport on my way back to my home state.  For most homeowners, they wouldn’t think to leave their house when they are renting out a room, but [...]

Where ever you live, you’re going to have a mailing address and with a mailing address, you’re going to have mail delivered whether it’s important documents or unsolicited junk mail. It’s funny how once my roommates change their address over to my townhouse; an inflow of mail suddenly appears from credit companies trying to get you to

Quick Summary My roommate, Sharon(not her real name), was just let go from her job of eight months.  Shortly, there after, she was able to land another job, but in record time of four days, she was let go(I don’t want to talk about the explanation she gave me). To make her rent payment that [...]