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Roommate Stories

If you’re thinking about renting out a room or already doing so, I want to reiterate an important tip that I shared when I wrote this post.  I stress this tip again because I feel its über important if you’re renting out a spare room to a roommate who you don’t know well. In addition, [...]

Quick Summary My roommate, Sharon(not her real name), was just let go from her job of eight months.  Shortly, there after, she was able to land another job, but in record time of four days, she was let go(I don’t want to talk about the explanation she gave me). To make her rent payment that [...]

This is an update to my previous post about feeling a little anxious because my roommate, Sharon (not her real name) lost her job, making me wondering if she could make the rent payment. To my relief, she lucked out on her job search and was able secure an interview the following Monday morning after [...]

Quick post this Saturday morning.  The title says it all, but here's the details: Yesterday, I learned that my roommate, S quit or was fired from her job.  I don't know the details, it's none of my business, but I get a little anxious when a roommate looses their job because it makes me wonder [...]

A few months ago, my roommate failed to make the rent payment via direct deposit, causing me to overdraft on my account.  Apparently, what happened was she didn’t have enough money in her account allowing the amount of rent to go through. I don’t know how she budgets her money that’s none of my business.  [...]

So far, I have been very candid with the financial relief and freedom the rental income provides for me.  In this post, I want to be candid on what’s its like returning home from a week-long trip living with roommates who were complete strangers when they first moved in. Going away on vacation or for [...]