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Roommate Stories

I wasn’t planning to get a tree this year, but one of my roommates suggested getting a tree and the other agreed.

So guess what! ...

Greetings! Today, I’m off to the West Coast for a week-long work trip.  My new roommate was going to move in this past weekend, but he informed me that he will be moving today.  Obviously, I won’t be around when my new roommate moves in, but my other roommate returned from his underway at sea [...]

I checked my e-mail account early morning yesterday(I leave for work early everyday so I end up checking my e-mail early too) and found that I received a new message from roommates.com early, which was sent late last night. I quickly glanced over the profile of the prospective roommate and determined the message was from a legitimate roommate. However, in order

Earlier this week, my roommate had his girlfriend visit from out of state for a few days.  As I mentioned before, I don’t mind having significant others stay over and she certainly was no exception.  This was the first real opportunity I had to meet her versus a quick “Hi, my name is Mike, how [...]

This past weekend, I was in LA attending a friend’s wedding.  I returned home late Monday night.  Upon arriving home, I initially noticed nothing was out of place in my townhouse until I went to use the bathroom and flushed the toilet.  That’s when I noticed the bathroom handle was different from the way I [...]

Anyone that currently rents out a room or thinking about renting out a room wants a roommate who is quiet, responsible, clean, and respects your personal belongings.  To many, this is the perception of the ideal roommate.  In actuality, we may get someone like this or someone far from this. I think I have found [...]