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Roommate Stories

Panties hanging everywhere

I had a reader leave a comment(a very long one) about their bad experiences renting out rooms.  In total she had 3.5 bad experiences. I thought I take it a share it as a full blown blog post since her comment was long. I think some future "live-in lands" can learn from where she admitted to [...]

A few weeks ago a reader suggested I do a post on all the bad roommates I had. Fortunately, I never had any terrible roommates. So I reached out to you guys to tell me some horror stories(I don’t mean to scare anyone from becoming a live-in landlord) and you guys came through! Though, it’s [...]

I’m back in my residence in the Northeast welcomed by mounds of snow and an equally sized mound of unopened mail. While I was traveling around Africa, one of my current roommates moved out of the basement room. Normally, I like to be there during the move-in and move-out process to accept or give the [...]

As most of you know, I left my full-time job to travel in March of this year.   The freedom has been great, but there is still anxiety of taking care of my house while I’m gone. I wrote about some actions that I do, but I’m still fairly limited to what I can do from abroad. One of [...]

I called a contractor in my house this past weekend to inquiry about replacing the two windows in my bedrooms.  Both bedrooms are occupied by my roommates and I always ask permission before entering.  My female roommate is away on vacation and so I texted her to obtain permission to go into her room.  Permission [...]

Obviously celebrating Christmas with your roommates depends on how well you get along with them.  I don’t know how other “live-in landlords” celebrate during the holiday times with their roommates, but my current roommates are great! With that in mind, we’ve collectively decided to get a Christmas tree and do a gift exchange. We’ve a [...]