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[update 8/24/16 deal is no longer being honored: http://blog.onradpad.com/an-update-on-our-no-credit-card-fee-android-pay-promotion/] Radpad is a service that allows tenants to pay their rent with their credit card. How it Works The tenant signs up with Radpad and has the choice of sending you a one-time payment or a reoccurring payment.  The money comes in a form of a check [...]

I get a lot of questions about various things, but I tend to receive frequent questions from folks who intend to buy a house and rent out a room because they’re going to be living in a house that’s bigger than what they need.  Generally, these folk don’t have children nor  are they married.  So [...]

As I stated before that the first step to renting out a room is having a goal in mind.   As you may or may not know, my goal when I first started this renting out rooms gig was to pay for graduate school.  But since I’ve graduated with my degree in 2009, I no longer [...]

I’ve seen some advertisement where homeowners post a furnished room to rent that includes a bed, dresser and other furniture that’s appropriate for a bedroom.  I’ve never really thought about why homeowners would go through the trouble of furnishing a room, until I recently visited some friends over a weekend – I crashed in their [...]

Recently, I had a chance to talk with a married couple that I’m friends with.  This couple rents out their condo unit outside of the Boston Area.  The decision for them to rent out their condo was out of necessity because they were expecting a child and needed a bigger place to live.  Since they couldn’t [...]

Despite the weee-bit of anxiety one of my other roommate is causing me about whether she can make the next month’s rent payment in my previous, there are several reasons why you should rent your spare room if your situation allows for it. I want to share an inclusive list of items I've done with [...]