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A lot of people e-mail me asking for help renting out their spare room. Besides having a mindset of sharing your personal space with roommates, which I stated in my Quick Start Guide, you’ll need a spare room to rent out. Now every “live-in landlord” I've interacted with has a different definition of a spare [...]

A few years ago when I moved into the basement to get another roommate, I needed a way to partition the basement so that my roommates could still have access to the washer and dryer and I could still have my own privacy. What I needed was a temporary wall with a door. I needed [...]

About a year after I rented out my very first room, I decided to renovate my basement.  My goal for renovating the basement was to generate more rental income by renting out the master bedroom I was currently occupying, while I lived in the basement.  The main driver for the rental income was to use [...]

The Renovation Plan As I mentioned in my about me section, I got a second roommate in my townhouse after things worked out well with my first roommate.  But before I got another roommate to move in, I had to do some renovations to my townhouse.  So the plan was for me to move in [...]