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Reader Questions

In the latter part of the week, I received an e-mail from a prospective “live-in landlord” and it reads as follows: I am Jxxxxxx and I read your blog and guide and it's awesome. I really appreciate you making this. I am in the process of buying a rather large home (great deal) better than [...]

When I started this renting out rooms enterprise project in 2006, I really wished a resource existed that not only provided guidance, but also inspire me to be confident to do it. However, Google didn’t turn up anything at the time. This past week, I received this e-mail: I have been renting out a room [...]

Most folks equate that having a roommate is a sure shot invasion on your privacy.  This fallacy stems from that sharing a living space means that you won’t have any privacy.  This may have been true in college where you’re sharing a single dorm room with a roommate.  You’re essentially co-habiting a room together.  There’s [...]

I receive questions just about everyday and I respond to most of them in a timely manner between my daily activities.  In some cases, I’ve shared the questions on my blog(with permission) so that others can learn from them. One of my popular posts is about scam e-mails and how it works. The biggest take [...]

Last week, I received the following question from a reader: I am considering renting a room out in my home. I was creating a list of "rules"... and wanted to ask you if it was okay to ask that the tenant not bring any guests to the house. I'm a single woman and prefer not [...]

A Common Question I get from readers weekly:  What's the likelihood of having one or two of the rooms being rented out given my proximity to a certain university or being located in <insert description of a popular place here> a certain area of town. I completely understand the rationale for the question - you want to buy a [...]