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Reader Questions

I want to share this story from a reader Jenny N. Here story is as follows: Well, "D" Friend and his wife needed a place to stay. Since my husband and I have a "in-laws suite" or guest house.(its pretty much an apartment). We were asked if they could stay there. We did agree. My [...]

I never had a couple as roommates before. The only experience I had was when one of my roommates was in the midst of purchasing a house with his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s lease expired before they could move-in to their house while my roommate was on a month-to-month agreement with me. You can probably guess [...]

Here's another reader question: First off, thank you for writing a great blog! Easy to read, understandable, and to the point! If you may I would like your input on something. I am 21 years old, getting married this summer and have paid off all student loans and have no debt. My wife and I [...]

Ever since starting this blog, I’ve received some really interesting questions from crazy stories of roommates to whacky ideas on converting some obscure place in their house to make some extra cash. In this weeks post, I have a question from a reader who’s thinking about converting his garage space to living space so that [...]

I received a few questions and wanted to share them here. Hi Mike, I just came across your site and I'm glad I did. I'm in the process of purchasing a 2 family house. The second apartment has 6 bedrooms (1 bathroom) and I'm considering renting out the rooms versus the whole apartment to one [...]

I received the following question this week: Hi I'm Dan, I'm 27 and just bought a house. It is just me at this house and looking to rent out rooms. I live in a professional, upscale neighborhood and have gotten a few responses, and am still looking. Some questions I got from people were, "What [...]