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Questions And Answers

In the latter part of the week, I received an e-mail from a prospective “live-in landlord” and it reads as follows: I am Jxxxxxx and I read your blog and guide and it's awesome. I really appreciate you making this. I am in the process of buying a rather large home (great deal) better than [...]

When I started this renting out rooms enterprise project in 2006, I really wished a resource existed that not only provided guidance, but also inspire me to be confident to do it. However, Google didn’t turn up anything at the time. This past week, I received this e-mail: I have been renting out a room [...]

I receive e-mails everyday from folks about questions to renting out rooms.  Questions range from what to do in a given circumstance or how should I go about doing such and such.  These are all good questions and I respond to each and every one of them. I want to share one e-mail I received [...]