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My house doesn’t have individual locks on any of the bedroom doors. All the roommates respect each other’s space and only enter each other’s room with permission. So far there hasn’t been any problems and the only key my roommates need is the key to the front door. When a roommate moves out, they just [...]

dealing with lock outs

Years ago, I had a roommate who constantly locked himself out of the house. To have this happen once in awhile is acceptable, but a few times in a month is just an inconvenience. So to avoid the hassle of driving home to let him back in, I decided to hide a key. There are [...]

I’m off to see the world again flying to South Korea and Vietnam. I was home for a little less than month to take care of paper work and to check the “NO” box to the question have you been to any African country in the past 30 days that’s usually mandatory on landing cards [...]

One of my roommates is moving out after renting from me for two years. I’ve had a good run at keeping this room occupied for 78 consecutive months or about 6.5 years(including the two years from the roommate who is moving out). From a live-in landlord’s perspective, this is outstanding, especially when the roommates are [...]

We have a fear that renting out a room will almost guarantee a trashed house.  After several years of renting out rooms, I can tell you first hand that you house will not get trashed.  However, it will certainly exhibit more wear and tear faster than if you were living by yourself. Stuff breaks around [...]

I’ve been in this business since 2006, the year after I bought my current residence. When I first moved in, I put some work into it – new carpet, fresh paint, and some minor upgrades. Six years later, how do you think all that new carpeting and paint held up to the test of roommates? [...]