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Living With Roommates

With the cold weather around CT, some of my roommates in the past have expressed an interest in getting a space heater for their bedroom.  I assured them that my townhouse stays comfortably warm with the electric heaters in the bedrooms and through out the townhouse.  I’m not making this up.  My townhouse is fairly [...]

Where ever you live, you’re going to have a mailing address and with a mailing address, you’re going to have mail delivered whether it’s important documents or unsolicited junk mail. It’s funny how once my roommates change their address over to my townhouse; an inflow of mail suddenly appears from credit companies trying to get you to

On Friday, I returned home from my trip to South Korea and my work travel to Orlando, FL.   I’ve been away a total of 17 consecutive days.  I’ve been away longer while I had roommates, but I sometimes get nervous about leaving my roommates by themselves in my residence.  I guess the nervousness comes from [...]

My writings have all been from my male perspective of renting out a room, but what happens if you’re a female and want to or have to rent out a room? As expected, it’s kind of tough for me to write about a female perspective. So I did the next best

Next week, I’ll be visiting South Korea for about two weeks.  Right now, the weather in CT is turning seasonably colder as expected.   With the season changing, the heat is going to get some use.  My biggest concern about leaving on this trip is wondering if my roommates are responsible enough to turn off the [...]

I have some simple, easy to follow ground rules that I tell any potential roommate before they move in.  I don’t make specific rules on what time they can come through the front door and such.  I don’t like to micro manage.  It’s just not my thing. However, here are my ground rules(no particular order) [...]