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Living With Roommates

I’m back from my West Coast trip.  Earlier last week, I wrote about landing a last minute roommate before heading out on my travel.  So how are things going with the new roommates?  It’s hard to tell.  From what he told me, he hasn’t been around much. Apparently the headhunter who found his new job [...]

Greetings! Today, I’m off to the West Coast for a week-long work trip.  My new roommate was going to move in this past weekend, but he informed me that he will be moving today.  Obviously, I won’t be around when my new roommate moves in, but my other roommate returned from his underway at sea [...]

One of my roommates, which I’ll call Mark(not his real name) moved out on Thursday to take a new job in another state. So as any good roommate would do, the night before, we went out to rock some beers one last time and to celebrate his last day of work at his current job.  [...]

Now that you have a goal set on what to do with the rental income, it’s now time to generate the income by finding a roommate.  This is the part that makes people feel a bit weary of the whole renting out room scheme.  I was in the boat when I started out on this [...]

In the last post I wrote about starting out in the adventures of renting out a room.  Today, I’m going to jump ahead and talk about rent pricing and structuring because I just received my electric bill in the mail and it made me cringe to see the total amount. I’m suspecting one of my [...]

In the State of CT, it seems like every employer gives their employees a week off starting Christmas Eve to the day after New Year's Day.  My employer does give me this week off and it is a nice benefit! My roommates in the past have also received this week off.  Often times, they use this  [...]