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Living With Roommates

  We all know that having roommates saves money because of the fact you can split the cost of cable and utilities amongst the number of roommates, thus effectively reducing your cost in half or by thirds depending on the number of roommates you have.   I’ve also mentioned the intangible benefits of having roommates.  Normally, [...]

Around the house, we all make mistakes, accidents or what ever you want to call them.  I make them, you make them, it just happens – we’re all human.  Sometimes, these mistakes cause damage, other times there just simply stuff that we can just clean up and move on. What happens if your roommate is [...]

Over the weekend, I found my 10th different roommate to move in.  As expected, every roommate has been different and this new guy is no exception – he’s the oldest roommate that I had to date at the age of 42.  Ever since I started this venture, I’ve never once discriminated against a roommate based [...]

Last week, I received an e-mail from a roommate who’s extremely interested in moving.  He stated that his job requires him to be away for three weeks during a month, which is the best roommate – paying rent and living somewhere else.  The only downside  is that the potential roommate wants to move in at [...]

Greetings from Kathmandu! I’m on the tail of my trip and fly back tonight.  While I was on my trip, my newest roommate is moving out this weekend.  I guess that what I should of expected with a temporary worker.  He was trying to land a permanent position and better paying job ever since he [...]

The other day, I was struggling to adjust the clock on the oven for daylight savings time because the oven is old and a POS.  It was then I realized, I should replace the oven, but it would be a foolish investment because it would get used and abused a lot from my roommates and [...]