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Living With Roommates

My travels took me over the pond to the U.K. last week(Why I went is another story). I stayed in an Airbnb rental with the lack of hotel options in the country side. I selected a place that had positive reviews for the price was I was willing to pay.  I e-mailed the host and [...]

Most folks equate that having a roommate is a sure shot invasion on your privacy.  This fallacy stems from that sharing a living space means that you won’t have any privacy.  This may have been true in college where you’re sharing a single dorm room with a roommate.  You’re essentially co-habiting a room together.  There’s [...]

One of comments from naysayers in regards to renting out a room is “I’m done with roommates, they’re messy, inconsiderate. It’s not worth it to me.” There’s no doubt from a pure financial perspective, without the hassle of roommates in the equation, renting out your spare room is without a doubt worth it So is [...]

Obviously celebrating Christmas with your roommates depends on how well you get along with them.  I don’t know how other “live-in landlords” celebrate during the holiday times with their roommates, but my current roommates are great! With that in mind, we’ve collectively decided to get a Christmas tree and do a gift exchange. We’ve a [...]

I wasn’t planning to get a tree this year, but one of my roommates suggested getting a tree and the other agreed.

So guess what! ...

Greetings! Halloween was a few days ago.  I did have a number of school-aged children dressed up in their favorite character or monster to greet me with “trick-o-treat” at my door step. There were a good number of these trick-o-treaters, to deplete my supply of treats(reese’s peanut butter cups)  that I had to run to [...]