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Living With Roommates


My house doesn’t have individual locks on any of the bedroom doors. All the roommates respect each other’s space and only enter each other’s room with permission. So far there hasn’t been any problems and the only key my roommates need is the key to the front door. When a roommate moves out, they just [...]

dealing with lock outs

Years ago, I had a roommate who constantly locked himself out of the house. To have this happen once in awhile is acceptable, but a few times in a month is just an inconvenience. So to avoid the hassle of driving home to let him back in, I decided to hide a key. There are [...]

Years ago before Net Flix or Apple TV was commonplace as a refrigerator in a home, folks would download full-length movies or whole TV series illegally. One of my roommates at the time was just doing that and as a result, my cable Internet provider shutdown my service abruptly. I called and inquired about the [...]

I want to annouce a winner for the Amazon Gift Card last week. I selected: Tina's Comment: Hi Mike! I was in the same situation as you for about a year and a half when I traveled around in Asian. I had my whole house rented out to a group of international students at a [...]

One of my roommates is moving out after renting from me for two years. I’ve had a good run at keeping this room occupied for 78 consecutive months or about 6.5 years(including the two years from the roommate who is moving out). From a live-in landlord’s perspective, this is outstanding, especially when the roommates are [...]

I’m writing this post as I’m sitting in the airport in D.C. waiting to board my flight to South Africa where I’ll explore some of the continent and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Needless to say I’ll be in and out of e-mail and phone contact, yet I’ll have a roommate moving out and hopefully a new [...]