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The New York Times ran an interesting piece a few days ago pertaining to the liability of homeowners insurance for folks who rent out their homes part-time through popular sites like AirBnB.  Though, the AirBnB site is catered to people unlike those of a "live-in landlord", the article did briefly mention renting out individual rooms to [...]

A few months ago I wrote about how renting a room affects your homeowners insurance.  Well, that post has been pretty popular and I wanted to expand a little more on it.  I don’t mind answering e-mails, but I like to be more efficient when I can be. To sum up my previous most, most [...]

Just exactly how does renting out a room to a roommate affect your home insurance situation?  You’re making a profit from your primary residence yet you’re still living in the house.  What do insurance companies think of a roommate renting your spare room? Before I had my first roommate move in, I called my homeowners [...]