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House Repairs

One of my roommates is moving out after renting from me for two years. I’ve had a good run at keeping this room occupied for 78 consecutive months or about 6.5 years(including the two years from the roommate who is moving out). From a live-in landlord’s perspective, this is outstanding, especially when the roommates are [...]

I’ve been in this business since 2006, the year after I bought my current residence. When I first moved in, I put some work into it – new carpet, fresh paint, and some minor upgrades. Six years later, how do you think all that new carpeting and paint held up to the test of roommates? [...]

The belt on my dryer gave out about a week ago, presumably from its age.  I was really tempted to replace the dryer with a modern energy efficient unit and one that is probably a heck of lot quieter.  In the end, I didn’t pull the trigger.  Here’s why. Like with anything that doesn’t belong [...]

One late afternoon this past January, I noticed water dribbling down the side of my hot water heater, specifically, it was dribbling from the lower heater element cover and on to the cement floor.  I investigated further by removing the panel and noticed that I had a leak. $%^$, #$%@, I DID NOT want to [...]