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As I stated before that the first step to renting out a room is having a goal in mind.   As you may or may not know, my goal when I first started this renting out rooms gig was to pay for graduate school.  But since I’ve graduated with my degree in 2009, I no longer [...]

Living in your parents’ basement is not all that sexy, and usually reserved for adult children who are not financial capable of living on their own. However, I know a few couples with well-paying jobs that decided to live together in a parent’s basement or spare bedroom when they were engaged, or even after they [...]

The obvious first step in renting out a room may be deciding which spare room to rent, or perhaps how much rent to charge.  These might be very good intentions initially, but, as odd as it may sound, the first step in renting out a room does not have anything to do with roommates or [...]