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I mentioned before one of my goals for 2014 is to do a bit of long-term traveling.  But to make this happen, I need to do the following: Automate the last of my bills.  This was probably the easiest of the three tasks for me to complete.  I have the option to pay my sewer [...]

I know it’s already the second week of 2012, but it took me some time to reflect back on the past year to see what I’ve accomplished AND what I plan to do in the next year. Let’s begin with the accomplishments.  This past year, in no particular order, I achieved the following: Found my [...]

My goal was to pay off my second mortgage by the end of this year, however, I missed out on 1.5 months worth of rental income from one of my spare bedrooms during the May/June time frame.  The missed income will cause a slight draw back to my repayment goal.   To make up for [...]

It’s February third.  Normally, I would have two roommates right now who would each be paying rent for the bedrooms they are living in.  However, this isn’t a perfect world and things don’t always work out. One of my roommates recently moving out, which now has reduced my collections by half.  Now, if I didn’t [...]

The start of the New Year usually means people make resolutions.  These resolutions often range from personal achievements to financial goals.  However, most often than not, these resolutions fall apart by mid-year.  However, if one of your goals happens to be a financial goal related to paying back debt or building a savings by renting [...]

Before I rented out my rooms to roommates and even before I started graduate school, my debt ranked in the following order from the highest amount to the lowest amount:

• First Mortgage ($142,000 @ 6.125%)
• Second Mortgage ($35,500 @ 8.375%)
• Undergraduate Student Loans ($18,200 @2.625%)

This past week, I just realized my