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Finding Roommates

With the cold weather around CT, some of my roommates in the past have expressed an interest in getting a space heater for their bedroom.  I assured them that my townhouse stays comfortably warm with the electric heaters in the bedrooms and through out the townhouse.  I’m not making this up.  My townhouse is fairly [...]

There are times when you’re going to have no inquiries from your online advertisements. I’ve been in this situation and it’s not the best situation to be in. For one, once your spare room goes unrented, you’ve lost your source of income for that month. It’s ideal to find a reliable roommate fast.

At one point, one of my rooms went unrented for 3 months. One of my rooms commands $600 per....

My writings have all been from my male perspective of renting out a room, but what happens if you’re a female and want to or have to rent out a room? As expected, it’s kind of tough for me to write about a female perspective. So I did the next best

If you’ve already made the decision to rent out a room in your house, the first natural inclination is to ask your group of friends or ask them if they know of somebody looking for a place to live.  The rationale being, you know your friends and you trust your friends.  Some of your friends [...]

Anyone that currently rents out a room or thinking about renting out a room wants a roommate who is quiet, responsible, clean, and respects your personal belongings.  To many, this is the perception of the ideal roommate.  In actuality, we may get someone like this or someone far from this. I think I have found [...]

I’ve seen some advertisement where homeowners post a furnished room to rent that includes a bed, dresser and other furniture that’s appropriate for a bedroom.  I’ve never really thought about why homeowners would go through the trouble of furnishing a room, until I recently visited some friends over a weekend – I crashed in their [...]