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Finding Roommates

I checked my e-mail account early morning yesterday(I leave for work early everyday so I end up checking my e-mail early too) and found that I received a new message from roommates.com early, which was sent late last night. I quickly glanced over the profile of the prospective roommate and determined the message was from a legitimate roommate. However, in order

It’s February third.  Normally, I would have two roommates right now who would each be paying rent for the bedrooms they are living in.  However, this isn’t a perfect world and things don’t always work out. One of my roommates recently moving out, which now has reduced my collections by half.  Now, if I didn’t [...]

I wrote a post of typical scams running on roommates.com and Craigslist awhile back.  The other day, I received the follow e-mail: Compliments, I will start by introducing myself briefly; I am Gabriela Kann 30 years old, Am Originally from Ontario, Canada grew up in Northern Ireland, UK. I am a Pathologist by profession, presently [...]

Alright, I’m in the market for a roommate to replace my roommate who is moving out at the end of this month.  With my work travel and vacation plans going on through March, the pressure is on to find a roommate as soon as possible or I could run the risk of missing my goal [...]

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned I’ve used roommates.com to advertise my spare bedroom.  It’s the advertising medium I first used to get started in this gig.  So, I thought I should write a post how to use roommates.com for people starting out. Before I begin, I just want to let everyone know I’m not receiving [...]

Now that you have a goal set on what to do with the rental income, it’s now time to generate the income by finding a roommate.  This is the part that makes people feel a bit weary of the whole renting out room scheme.  I was in the boat when I started out on this [...]