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fire escape

For the longest time, I knew in the back of my mind that my basement room violated fire code. I had some readers ask about creating a makeshift bedroom such as converting a garage or attic to living space to rent out or live in so they can rent out the room they're living in. In [...]

So I survived the apocalyptic storm called Sandy uneventfully as I did with Hurricane Irene last year.   My residence fared well through the storm: floods were nonexistent as were fallen tree limbs.   As you are aware from news reports, folks near NYC and in NJ are without power and left in the cold night.  I [...]

About a year ago, I faced my first natural disaster preparations as a “live-in landlord” with Hurricane Irene.  I got off easy as I was spared any electrical outages and water in my basement.  Some folks weren’t so fortunate and were left in the dark for days if not weeks. A reason why I think [...]

  We all know that having roommates saves money because of the fact you can split the cost of cable and utilities amongst the number of roommates, thus effectively reducing your cost in half or by thirds depending on the number of roommates you have.   I’ve also mentioned the intangible benefits of having roommates.  Normally, [...]

You can imagine what the water cooler talks entailed the day after Hurricane Irene swept through the Northeast.  Even two days after the storm, there was no shortage of discussions of who had power and where one lived in relation to another who had power.  Or that nearly every store was sold out of ice [...]

Oh boy! There’s always something unexpected when you’re renting out a room and this weekend is no exception.  If you’ve been following the news, there’s be constant coverage of Hurricane Irene, which is expected to make landfall Sunday afternoon as a category 1 hurricane. Now, growing up the in the Northeast, a hurricane is something [...]