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I get more e-mails than not from folks asking to advertise their spare room on my blog. An example of said e-mail is as follows: I'm trying to rent out my room and I think I keep getting those fakechecks that you guys are talking about. How do set up a profile on this website? I'm [...]

Some folks have e-mail me asking me if I plan on continuing to blog. The answer is yes. I’m grateful for all the folks that read what I have to say. I think the support and questions I receive are encouragement for me to keep blogging. Back in March I quit my job to travel [...]

Things haven’t changed much over the past 3 years for me. I’ve been living in my basement and renting out the two individual rooms to save money and pay down my mortgage.  In fact, I’ve been living in my basement longer than I have in the “regular” bedroom in my house. There’s nothing wrong with [...]

1. Raising the Rent Prices on your current roommates. I did this once a long time ago on my second roommate.  The conversation didn’t go well. It ended up with me explaining all my bills and justifying the increase in the rent price.  I thought the raise was fair $1 a day or $30 per [...]

I've been running this blog for about two years and thus far received numerous e-mails on a whole range of topics.  Out of all these questions, there's always been one reoccurring question from readers and it's along the lines of: how do I start out or how do I find roommates. These are all very [...]