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fire escape

For the longest time, I knew in the back of my mind that my basement room violated fire code. I had some readers ask about creating a makeshift bedroom such as converting a garage or attic to living space to rent out or live in so they can rent out the room they're living in. In [...]

The Room I’m Renting

The room I'm renting

I wrote about my new job and how I want to move closer rather than driving an hour each way to work. Well, I found a place 10 minutes away from my new job for $400 per month with all utilities included. To some this may sound really cheap or expensive. It’s all relative depending [...]

Reader’s Experiences

Panties hanging everywhere

I had a reader leave a comment(a very long one) about their bad experiences renting out rooms.  In total she had 3.5 bad experiences. I thought I take it a share it as a full blown blog post since her comment was long. I think some future "live-in lands" can learn from where she admitted to [...]

The Key Policy


My house doesn’t have individual locks on any of the bedroom doors. All the roommates respect each other’s space and only enter each other’s room with permission. So far there hasn’t been any problems and the only key my roommates need is the key to the front door. When a roommate moves out, they just [...]

Rigging My House For the Winter

Air Conditioning Units

One of the things I have to before man winter is remove all the window A/C units. The steps involved aren’t too complicated, but it’s just heavy and cumbersome to carry the A/C units to the basement where I store them. I have to gain entry to each of the bedrooms and I always ask [...]

What to do After a Bad Experience

I want to share this story from a reader Jenny N. Here story is as follows: Well, "D" Friend and his wife needed a place to stay. Since my husband and I have a "in-laws suite" or guest house.(its pretty much an apartment). We were asked if they could stay there. We did agree. My [...]